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Portfolio Fisheries

With the help of the “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science”, our group islooking at innovative ways to enhance resilience in Japanese multispeciesfisheries. Using concepts borrowed from Financial Engineering, this projectfocuses on the development of a portfolio fishing theory and associated policies,investigating different portfolios of target fish species and/or stocks that presentheterogeneous volatility in both abundance and price, aiming to achieve greatereconomic stability in Japanese fisheries.

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Shifts in distribution and abundance of fish species are already occurring along the coasts of Japan, making it critical to understand their ecological and socio-economic ramifications. With the latter aspect in mind, this project exploresthe various adaptation strategies that Japan’s fishing communities should follow when faced with climate change uncertainties.

As such, the objectives of the portfolio fisheries project are 3-fold:

  1. How should Japanese fisheries and related policies change as we start applying distinct portfolio approaches to fisheries management? (e.g. multispecies and multigears fisheries)
  2. What are the best strategies that can achieve economic stability under environmental and socio-economic uncertainties?
  3. What policies and market structures are best suited to support a portfolio theory approach to fishery management in Japan?


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